From the team at Kitchen Experts of California Inc., it is a pleasure to have the  opportunity to bring your dreams for your home to reality! The finished product is  one we are confident you will want to show off for years to come! Now that the  blueprint has been done, we will be getting in touch with you very soon to get  your job going! We know that any remodeling process is a lot of work, so here are  some helpful hints to make the process go smoothly:

Getting prepared for your remodel:


In the coming weeks, we will be contacting you from the office to review your  plans and scope of work. Please be sure to ask any and all questions that you may  have regarding this project. We want to be sure that we are clear in writing as  well as in person about what is included in your project and want to set the right  expectations for your project.


About one-two weeks prior to your start date begin packing up the kitchen  starting with the items you do not use every day and keep available the ones you  do. You may even want to start packing away any wall décor you have on display.  As you get closer to your scheduled start date, you can pack the rest of your  belongings. Disposable dishes/utensils will be very useful to have on hand.


Depending on the extent of your remodel you may be out of your kitchen for  some time. If the space permits, set up a temporary kitchen in another room. If  your microwave is not secured to the wall put it on a small table with some paper  plates, cups and utensils. We will move your appliances to your desired location  on the first day of your project, so be sure to let your Office Project Manager and  Foreman/On-site Project Manager know where you would like to have the  appliances that you are keeping moved.


Although we erect vinyl sheeting around the area we are working, there will be  dust and debris that may make its way into the surrounding rooms. Please cover  all electronics or any other valuable furniture that you do not want to get dusty.

Rule of thumb: If we are working in the kitchen, make sure electronics and  furniture are covered in any room connecting to the kitchen or removed.

Things to remember to do during your project

Remember to be FLEXIBLE! There are many things that can come up during a  remodel that can delay the process, but your Project Coordinator will work with  you to be sure you are taken care of.

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Kitchen Experts takes pride in our “One Stop Shop” solution. We take care of the entire remodel project in-house, saving you time and money! Our goal is to provide top quality at every step of your kitchen remodel.